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Hi, I'm Cassie! But I am known as Marsie/MARS1E as my artist alias.

Welcome to my website! You probably came here because you are interested in my work. Thank you so much for stopping by! Please use the tabs to navigate around - you will find my prices, terms of service and available YCH's for sale. Please note that my prices are in USD, and I deal with Paypal invoices.My name is Cassie, and I am a 24 year old artist who lives in Victoria, Australia. I specialize in drawing animal and wildlife themes. I have always had a passion for animals and animal conservation, and it drives and inspires me and my artwork.While I recieve a lot of OC commission orders, I do not identify as being a 'furry'. I do have a small collection of OC's which I enjoy drawing from time-to-time, but I am always happy to do pet portraits and pet artworks as well.I have a Bachelor of Art degree specializing in visual arts and anthropology. I also have a master of teaching degree; I graduated in 2021 and I currently work full-time as a secondary school art teacher. While it is a tiring and hard job, I enjoy inspiring the next generation of young artists.If you wish to contact me further for commission inquires, you may reach me at my artist email: [email protected]
or you may add me on discord under MARS1E#5005. Always up for a chat.
Thank you for any support for my work!

Commission Prices
and how to order

Please see my gallery and social media accounts for more art examples.
Please fill out my ORDER FORM, and shoot me a DM on discord to alert me.
$10.00 each
$20.00 each
$25.00 each
Comes with a basic colour background and transparent version.
Flat Colour
$30.00 base price
Additional charges for complicated characters and objects.
Comes with a basic colour background and transparent version.
Full Body
$40 base price
Additional charges for complicated characters and objects
Comes with a basic colour background and transparent version.

Commission Queue

Commission queue is through Google Docs

Available YCH's

None at the moment!
Check back later

Please make sure you screenshot your proof of payment as you send the funds. I may take time before permissions are updated.All prices are in USD, and are dealt with in paypal.
Please pay as goods and services, with no shipping required.
Please include the premade number(s) that you are purchasing in a note.All payment must go to: [email protected]

1) Permissions: Tear, Mischa

Below is a collection of free to use artwork. Please feel free to use them for your own personal use. These may never be used for commercial purposes, or included in any art sales.
Please refer to my ToS and individual rules for further clarification.
Always give credit when due.
Slight modifications are permitted.
Please do not remove the signatures unless uploading as an avatar on 2D Chat websites.

By placing an order, you are agreeing to the following terms of service:
•Completion of the work is guaranteed unless specific circumstances arise (such as hospitalization, broken tablets, laptops etc). If these circumstances arise, options will be given to the client on what they'd like to do (such as refund, wait etc)
•You must be 18+ to order a commission from me
•I do not draw NSFW or adult content under any circumstances.
•I take payment upfront through paypal USD invoice only (unless negotiated with the client before-hand). Once payment is received, refunds are not given unless specific circumstances are met which includes broken tablets, laptops and hospitalization.
•My art is not to be used for commercial purposes such as advertising for your companies etc
•My art can be included in character sales with its respective character without asking me (if commission is done of an original character)
•Credit must always be given when re-uploading the work. If uploading to toyhouse, please credit my toyhouse account properly (siofra-fox)
•Not to be sold separately.
•Edits cannot be made to the finished product by yourself or another artist.
•TAT (turn around time) can be as long as a couple of months. I always keep my client's in the loop, typically through discord messaging. Work in progresses can be provided if asked. I am a slow artist!
•Additional charges may apply for complicated species, markings and plushies.
•I require clear reference sheets or images to draw from. Errors as a result of unclear reference sheets may be at your expense if requested to fix.
•I can decline a commission for whatever reason, including if you are on my commissioners blacklist.
•Tipping me is not a requirement, but is always appreciated.
Blacklist is private.